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Customise your Anti-Slip Decking

DeckWright anti slip decking



We don’t all like the same things so where DeckWright Anti-Slip decking is concerned, we can customise it in a number of ways so that you get just what you need:

  • It can be cut to any length with normal tools
  • You can specify the design of machined grooves
  • Choose from a variety of aggregate colours
  • Supply your own specification of timber decking

DeckWright Anti-Slip decking is just as easy to work with as normal timber decking. Using regular tools, you can cut it to suit your exact requirements, ensuring a professional finish to your job. Whatever groove pattern you wish to work with, we can put it through the DeckWright Anti-Slip decking process. You might only wish to apply the non slip decking process to certain grooves within your profile – we can do that too. If you ask us, we can probably achieve it for you!

Anti slip decking groove profiles

We offer you a wide selection of aggregate colours so that you can tie your non slip decking into any colour scheme. It is finer detail such as this that can make a real difference to the look of a professionally finished job. We offer you eight standard colours of aggregate to choose from including neutral colours, reds, greens and blues. We can also create a bespoke colour just for you if required (minimum quantity would apply).

colour options for anti slip decking aggregate

The DeckWright Anti-Slip process can be applied to most species of timber and most specifications of timber decking. Other non slip decking suppliers might offer you a limited selection of timber species whereas we allow you the option to source your own product and then we will anti-slip it for you.

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