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DeckWright Anti-Slip Service

DeckWright anti slip decking

The DeckWright Anti-Slip process offers you a superior non slip decking product that can withstand the heaviest of commercial use. DeckWright is the professional answer to anti-slip timber decking and has been awarded the DeckMark Plus quality assurance and performance scheme by the Timber Decking and Cladding Association.

When you choose DeckWright Anti-Slip decking, you have two options:

1. We can apply our unique anti-slip decking process to your exact specification of timber decking. No other timber decking supplier can offer you this flexible service.

2. We can supply you with a fully finished DeckWright Anti-Slip decking product, saving you the hassle of specifying the timber decking.

Our specially formulated combination of resin and aggregate, which we mechanically insert into the machined grooves of timber decking has been fully tested and approved by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton, in accordance with BS7976: 2002. The manufacturing process has also been independently QA audited and is compliant with ISO 9001:2008.On application, the resin and aggregate mix becomes an integral part of the timber decking product, providing a highly effective anti-slip property to both wet and dry decking, whilst fully retaining the natural characteristics of the timber.

A massive benefit from choosing DeckWright Anti-Slip decking is that there is NO MINIMUM ORDER!

We simply charge on a “per linear metre” basis, allowing even the smallest of timber decking projects to become viable with DeckWright Anti-Slip. Other non slip timber decking suppliers will generally have strict minimum order quantities which could leave you ordering much more that you need.

Customers of DeckWright Anti-Slip decking are proving to be both wide and varied, both large and small. We can provide signifcant quantities of non slip decking for commercial projects such as in school areas or around public buildings. However we are flexible enough to also be able to provide smaller quantities of anti-slip decking to assist architects specifying particular projects or even individuals planning a substantial gardening or outdoor project.

Fully customisable to meet your specific requirements, click here to read more about how we can cater for your every design need when choosing your anti-slip timber decking.

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