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DeckWright Inserts Fitting Instructions

DeckWright anti slip decking


DeckWright Inserts are extremely easy to install and will leave you with a professional and attractive anti-slip quality to your timber decking. Follow these step by step instructions and you'll see for yourself.

Note: please store your DeckWright Inserts and DeckWright Adhesive out of direct sunlight and between 5-25°C prior to installation.

Fitting DeckWright Inserts step oneSTEP ONE: Ensure that you have prepared your timber decking fully, prior to installation. Decking should be clean and dry to touch. It should be free from dust and debris. We would recommend installing DeckWright Inserts on a dry day when rain is not forecast.

Fitting DeckWright Inserts step two


STEP TWO: Plan to work in small sections. Apply a 3mm bead of DeckWright Adhesive into your chosen groove.

Fitting DeckWright Inserts step threeSTEP THREE: Trim your Insert to the desired length using pliers and then carefully place it into the groove, keeping the anti-slip surface to the top. It should sit a little proud of the decking surface. The exact positioning of the Insert will depend on the profile of your decking.

Fitting DeckWright Inserts step fourSTEP FOUR: Apply pressure to the insert. You may hold it or choose to place something over it (a board for example) to retain the pressure for a short time.

STEP FIVE: Allow to dry for at least three hours.


Our specially formulated DeckWright Adhesive must be used for optimum results. It is:

  • Solvent and water free
  • Odourless
  • An excellent bond strength
  • Excellent in all atmospheric conditions for durability

If used for a commercial project in high traffic areas, then additional fixing maybe required.

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