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What is Anti-Slip Decking?

DeckWright anti slip decking

Timber decking has become a very desirable product for all manner of exterior surfaces, both in the domestic and commercial marketplace. There are many timber decking suppliers across the UK but few of them offer anti-slip decking (sometimes called non slip decking) as a standard product. So just what is anti-slip decking and why might you need it?

Timber decking looks great when it has been laid professionally, but it generally retains one fundamental problem – it is extremely slippery when wet. Living in the UK, there are plenty of occasions when timber decking will become wet. Anti-slip or non slip decking has been developed quite simply, to make it a much safer surface in this environment. It offers a reliable finish and peace of mind to both your customers and your business.

Anti-slip decking is the professional answer to slippery timber decking. Within the grooves of the timber a specially formulated mixture of resin and aggregate is inserted, sitting just a little proud of the timber. For optimum anti-slip properties and a long lasting product, the formulation of this resin and aggregate insertion is crucial.

Other methods exist to try and offer timber decking a non slip property but the professional answer will definitely give you the most reliable result whilst maintaining the natural charm and appearance of timber decking.

DeckWright Anti-Slip decking is a superior non slip process that can be applied to any specification of timber decking. A key difference between DeckWright Anti-Slip decking and other brands of non slip decking is that we can either sell you a finished DeckWright Anti-Slip decking product or we can take your specification of timber decking and transform it into a non slip decking product – the choice is yours!

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