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How Hornsea School have been using WJ timber

April 09 2018

Helping out in our local community is something that’s important to us here at WJ. We’re an East Yorkshire-based business, which is why we think it’s our responsibility to make sure learning facilities in our area, such as Hornsea School and Language College, are fully-stocked on learning materials.

To fulfil learning opportunities and keep students busy, the school needed materials for projects such as Year 13’s Design & Technology coursework.

We decided to help out by providing donations of timber to be used in practical assignments, lessons, and to improve the school’s facilities. Since the donation, Y13 student Harry has been busy turning our timber into an impressive outbuilding.

The school has also since begun a collaboration with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, helping out on a project on the mere. To help reduce waste and create minimal environmental impact, the students will be using our offcuts in their venture.

On top of the exciting projects being carried out by their talented students, Hornsea School have installed DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking around ‘The Pod’ – their outside serving area.

In wet weather, the area around The Pod could become slippery and dangerous. Now, students are safe to play outside when it’s been raining, without the risk of trips or falls.

If, like Hornsea School, you’d like to make your decking our outside-area safer, give us a call on 01482 338 950.


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