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Tanalised Timber?

Are you looking for Tanalised timber or preservative treated timber? Confused by the terms? Let us help.

Tanalised timber is a term that is commonly used to describe timber that has been preservative treated. It’s actually a brand name though - rather like many people still tend to refer to a vacuum cleaner as a Hoover.

tanalised timber

Tanalith - one of many brands

It can only be officially called Tanalised timber if it has been treated with Tanalith wood preservatives – chemical treatments that are developed and owned by Arch Timber Protection. So in actual fact, Tanalised timber is just one brand of pressure treated timber…and there are many more to consider, with impressive credentials.

TreatWright HP – high-pressure treatment

Offering high-pressure preservative timber treatments up to Use Class 4, WJ Group is a long-standing expert in providing a highly-specified service, now branded under the TreatWright brand. Whilst TreatWright HP delivers effective high-pressure treatment to a variety of markets, TreatWright LP provides low-pressure treatment for timber that has less demanding requirements.

Just like Tanalised timber, TreatWright HP protects externally used timbers from decay due to environmental factors and protection from mould and wood-decaying fungi. The timber preservative penetrates deep into the wood to provide long-lasting protection. Timber treated in this way tend to be green or brown, depending on the chemical formulation that is used. Typical end uses include fence posts, decking and timber cladding.

The expert service is available from WJ Group’s Hull and Rochester sites, making it available to both the north and the south of the country. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

TreatWright LP – the low-pressure solution

Where timbers that require a lower Use Class treatment are concerned, such as door frames, internal CLS frames and ceilings, TreatWright LP would be an excellent alternative to a Tanalised timber treatment. Exclusive to WJ Group, TreatWright LP uses a yellow tracer dye for identification purposes, that fades over time

The key advantages of TreatWright LP are the lower uptakes of water during treatment and a more natural colour compared with the green high-pressure treatments.

If you have a large requirement, WJ Group can liaise directly with you to treat your timber. If you need a smaller amount of treated timber, WJ Group will be able to point you in the direction of timber merchants and suppliers that stock the appropriate product to suit your needs.

If you have any further questions regarding preservative treated timber (not Tanalised timber!), please get in touch with WJ Group, we'll be happy to help you.


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