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High Pressure – TreatWright HP: available in ‘Green’ or ‘Brown’.

Treated timber colours | high and low pressure treatmentTreatWright HP treated timber normally has a green colour (on freshly sawn softwoods). This is due to copper compounds in the treatment with the final colour being a result of permanent chemical reactions in the wood fibres. The initial ‘fresh’ green colour fades over 3-6 months eventually turning a golden brown (honey) before finally weathering under the effects of UV light so that after 12 – 24 months the wood surface will ‘silver’ as normal (this does not affect the performance of the preservative).

TreatWright HP treated timber is also available in a brown finish from our Hull site. The brown additives of this formulation will give the wood a brown appearance with good weathering properties (under normal conditions of exposure lasting 12-24 months before fading to silver as above). Other colour finishes may be available, please ask for further details.

Low Pressure – TreatWright LP: available in clear or pale yellow

TreatWright LP treated timbers are normally intended for building projects and a yellow marker dye is used to provide evidence of treatment on construction sites. This fades naturally on exposure to UV light within 4 – 8 weeks depending on the time of year. Wood can be painted or stained as normal but if a clear varnish is being used please be aware that the yellow dye may show through.

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