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Timber Treatment FAQs

Where can I use TreatWright HP treated wood?

TreatWright HP treated wood is designed for garden timbers and fencing as well as interior and exterior construction materials such as framing, trusses, joists etc. TreatWright HP treated wood should not normally be used in permanent saltwater or freshwater contact without prior discussion with WJ Group.

Is TreatWright HP treated timber always green?

No! The green colour of freshly treated wood naturally fades to a pale straw colour after 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year and exposure to UV. After 6 – 12 months the wood will silver to a natural grey unless measures are taken to avoid this. As an alternative, we can offer TreatWright HP in brown (please enquire for details).

Which glues and fixings can I use?

Most standard wood glues will bond TreatWright HP treated wood (when dry) but we can give specific advice if requested. TreatWright HP treated wood is not corrosive to metal fixings but care should be taken to use appropriate products. Hot-dipped or stainless fixings should be used for outdoor applications to protect from atmospheric corrosion. To ensure stability, fixings should be added once the timber has been treated. Always use the appropriate fixings such as proprietary deck screws for attaching deck boards to sub-frames. Guidance on the suitability of various fixings for both indoor and outdoor use can be found in EUROCODE 5 (BS EN 1995).

How do I dispose of treated timber waste?

All treated timber waste should be segregated and disposed of through an approved contractor. Treated timber waste should not be made into animal bedding or burned except in approved facilities.

Does it conform to current European Standards?

TreatWright HP conforms to the service expectations set down in BS EN 599, Use Classes 1-4. The UK interpretation of this document is BS 8417:2003. 

How do I handle the treated wood safely?

TreatWright HP treated timber is not classed as hazardous. Once surface dry it can be handled safely and is suitable for children’s playground equipment. As is the case with any wood, treated or not, goggles should be worn when rip-sawing and gloves will protect from splinters.

What Treatment do I need?

What Treatment do I need?

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Fire Retardant Timber Treatment

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