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Treated Timber Storage

So many businesses want advice on how best to store freshly treated timber to ensure that it dries fully and does not develop any conditions such as mould. We can give you some top line guidance in addition to more detailed instructions to manage this important issue.

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When timber has been treated it is delivered to you “drip dry”. Fluid might still be present on the timber and this might be the case for up to a few weeks. Gloves should always be worn when handling freshly treated timber. 

Correct storage and handling is required, in accordance with HSE, to ensure that your treated timber dries in the best possible way. 

Drying time depends on a number of factors including treatment process, wood species and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and ventilation. If the timber is stored incorrectly, it can hinder the drying process and mould can appear on the timber (especially pine that has been high pressure treated). Whilst mould does not affect the structure of the timber, it is hard to remove. 

Here are some tips for storing your freshly treated timber:

  • Ideally choose an outdoor area that is under cover, clean and free from dust
  • Do NOT store the timber under a tarpaulin or in a sealed container as this restricts airflow
  • Ideally place the timber packs on freely draining hard surfaces or concrete plinths
  • Ensure there is space between multiple packs and protect the timber from rain
  • If possible, position the timber to allow the prevailing wind to naturally help the drying process 

Timber treatment - handling treated timber

Some further precautions that are recommended when handling treated timber are: 

  • Do not drink, eat or smoke whilst handling treated wood. Wash hands before eating meals
  • Wear a dust mask and goggles when rip-sawing treated timber
  • If any skin irritation occurs wash the affected area and treat with a soothing skin cream

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