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Health, Safety and the Environment

TreatWright timber preservatives are designed with both the processor and the end consumer in mind. There is little or no risk of harm arising from the use of treated wood (see Treated Timber Handling) and the chemicals used are not readily absorbed across the skin.

Waste preservative-treated timber must be handled appropriately. Although TreatWright treated timbers are not classified as hazardous there are a number of specific regulations pertaining to wood preservatives and this must be remembered when disposing of treated waste.

1. Wherever possible, care should be taken to remove or reduce the possibilities for production of treated waste.
2. This means that timber products should be recycled wherever there is a chance to do so.
3. Any substantial amount of waste should be removed using a licensed waste contractor and full details of the treatment product should be provided to them. The product will either be taken for landfill or, alternatively, burnt in a licensed biomass reactor or similar.
4. Do not use this timber for animal bedding.
5. Do not use this timber to burn on domestic fires or in barbeques.

What Treatment do I need?

What Treatment do I need?

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Fire Retardant Timber Treatment

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