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Preservative Performance

Wolsit® KD and Wolmanit® CX products are modern formulations carefully developed to provide the best possible preservative performance and backed-up by over 20 years of field experience. This is achieved whilst maintaining a sound environmental profile when compared to other similar systems. Active ingredients are carefully selected based on their environmental profiles and dose-effect is optimised through advanced formulation technology giving superb penetration and fixation in the wood.

Wolmanit® CX-10 is based on copper-hydroxide carbonate and Wolman’s patented organic active ingredient Copper-HDO. Wolmanit® CX-10 has proven efficacy in Use Classes 1-4 over a range of climatic conditions so wood treated to an appropriate standard can be used for a wide range of applications including permanent ground contact. Design service life for treated wood will vary depending on timber species and the treatment process used so please let us know your requirements early-on. Typically, timbers in UC1 and 2 treated by high or low pressure can have a service life of up to 60 years; outdoor timbers (Use Classes 3 and 4) have a service life of about 10 – 30 years (high pressure only).

Information on the Use Class System is available on our Timber Treatment Process page or from Wolman or from BS EN 335-1&2:2006. Wolmanit® CX-10 is listed in the WPA Manual and has been fully tested in accordance with BS EN 599.

Wolsit KD-20 is a unique microemulsion system based on permethrin and propiconazole which is designed for the double-vacuum treatment of construction timbers giving faster drying times. The special features of this formulation (leach resistance) allow wood to be protected for Use Class 3 applications (e.g. windows and doors) and this is a benefit for truss and stud materials too which are subject to severe wetting during construction.

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