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Timber Treatment Process

To ensure that WJ can meet your exact requirements, we will firstly need the following information from you:

*Type of timber to be treated (e.g. spruce/pine etc.)

*The dimensions of the timber

*Whether it is planed or sawn, green and/or seasoned

*The Use Class required (i.e. what will be timber be used for - see table below)

*Service life considerations - Does the timber need to be used for 5, 15, 30, or 60 years? Are there any special factors regarding the use of timbers which may suggest a higher level of protection than normal is required?

Use Class Summary

Note: the greater level of protection required, the higher the Use Class number.

Pressure Treated Redwood Sample: re-agent applied to show chemical penetration in sapwood

The light area in the centre is the heartwood of the tree which is naturally durable and does not take up any treatment chemical. The outer darker area is the sapwood (new growth) that is not naturally durable and this is the part of the tree that will rot if not treated.

The amount of chemical retained in the sapwood area determines the Use Class achieved during the treatment process.

WJ Group will then recommend the type of treatment necessary for the timber. Treated timber always requires a minimum of 24 hours for the timber to dry out and we will only despatch timber once it is dried sufficiently. Ideally, treated wood should be left to ‘cure’ for 14 days before being placed in ground contact.

What Treatment do I need?

What Treatment do I need?

Select your details to find out which type of treatment is best for you.


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Fire Retardant Timber Treatment

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