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Re-working of Treated Timber

Occasionally it may be necessary to re-work treated timber. Every effort must be done to avoid this but if it must be done the following should be observed.

1. All cut ends should be re-treated with a proprietary cut-end treatment such as Wolmanit® C&T. This product is available in both green and brown and will protect any untreated surfaces that have been exposed.

treated timber re-working2. Never place a re-treated end of timber in ground contact.

3. If heavy working is required, such as thicknessing or planing, the timber must be re-treated by a pressure process in order to regain the necessary durability.

Using glue on treated timber

Most common wood glues will bond to treated timber successfully. These include resorcinol and formaldehyde resins as well as glues based on PVA and isocyanates.

Care should be taken to dry the timber to its ‘in service’ moisture content before gluing. Please consult glue manufacturers for advice on the load bearing qualities of specific formulations.

What Treatment do I need?

What Treatment do I need?

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