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Service Life

The expected service life of treated timber depends upon the wood species, end use, type of preservative and preservative application rates*.

In general our treatment standards ensure that internal timbers will last in excess of 60 years. Timber exposed to weathering but installed above ground (i.e. window frames, fence rails) should give service lives of 15-30 years (in the case of low pressure treatment a coating is required). Timbers in ground contact, such as fence posts, can achieve service lives of 5 – 30 years.

Please contact us for details regarding your specific project.

*Please note: Wood is a natural material and is therefore prone to variations in quality that are beyond the control of WJ Group. Expectations regarding service lives over long periods of time are based on the performance of the majority of timbers in a batch. If you are interested in warranty cover for your timbers please ask for further details.

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What Treatment do I need?

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