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Technical Information

We have provided a number of technical data and information sheets that relate to our timber treatment services, helping you with any requirements that you might have, such as labelling or specific techincal details. The following links open up the relevant pdf document and you will be able to print a copy if required. If you have any further queries regarding technical information, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

General data:

Biocidal Products Regulation Information (2014)

Use Instructions: Pressure/Vacuum Treated Timber

Reducing the risk of discolouring fungi on preservative timber

Mould advice

BASF Wolman GmbH data:

Wolmanit CX-10: Safety Data Sheet (10/01/2011)

Wolmanit CX-10: Technical Leaflet (01/12/2010)

Wolmanit Firestop: Technical Leaflet

Wolsit KD-20 C: Safety Data Sheet (29/08/2011)

Wolsit KD-20 C: Technical Leaflet (24/02/10)

Wolmanit ProColor yellow 2206: Safety Data Sheet (15/08/2011)

Wolmanit ProColor brown 4003: Safety Data Sheet (05/09/2009)

Wolsit SP: Safety Data Sheet (24/02/2010)

CE Marking Details for Wolmanit CX-10 Treated Timber

CE Marking Details for Wolsit KD-20 Treated Timber

Wolsit KD-40 C Safety Data Sheet

Impra data:

ACQ Brown Colourant: Technical Data Sheet

ACQ Impralit Defoamer: Technical Data Sheet

Impralit-F3/66: Technical Data Sheet

Impralit ACQ 2200D: Technical Data Sheet

Impralit Cut-End Preservative: Technical Data Sheet

Mouldex: Technical Data Sheet

Impralit-TSK 32P: Technical Data Sheet

Impralit-F3/66 farblos: Safety Data Sheet

Impralit-TSK 32P: Safety Data Sheet

Impralit ACQ 2200D: Safety Data Sheet

Impralit Inhibitor CRSD: Safety Data Sheet

Impralit-ACQ 2200 10% Solution: Safety Data Sheet

Impralit Cut-End Preservative: Safety Data Sheet

ACQ 2200D: Safety Data Sheet

ACQ Brown Colourant: Safety Data Sheet

Mouldex: Safety Data Sheet

ACQ Impralit Defoamer: Safety Data Sheet

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