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Depending on the product used and the end use of the timbers it may be necessary to maintain the wood after treatment and during service.

Maintenance of treated timberParticularly developed for decking projects, the natural colour of timber can be enhanced and maintained using Wolwax® Refresh. This product imparts both a weather resistant surface and, where Wolwax® Refresh Brown is used, fresh colouration to timbers used outdoors.

TreatWright HP and TreatWright LP treated timber can be painted using most standard wood paint systems. It is important that the timber should be dried sufficiently following treatment. In general that means that timber should be less than 20% moisture content at the time of painting. Both water-based and oil-based systems are compatible but advice should be sought from the paint supplier before application.

If low or high-pressure treated wood is cut after delivery the exposed surfaces should be re-treated with Wolmanit® C&T (Clear or Brown available in 0.75 Lt & 2.5 lt tins). Surfaces treated in this way should not be placed in contact with the ground.

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What Treatment do I need?

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