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TreatWright LP

DV Wolsit timber treatmentTreatWright LP is used for all construction grade timbers including CLS framing, joinery etc. and is applied using a double vacuum, low pressure process. TreatWright LP is a brand of low pressure timber treatment that is exclusive to WJ Group - allowing us to offer a highly specialised and effective service to our customers.

Timber treated with TreatWright LP is identified by use of a yellow tracer dye to aid identification of treated stock in the warehouse or on site. The active ingredients in TreatWright LP give superb protection against insects and fungi for the lifetime of the building when used in use Class 1 & 2 environments. For window joinery, cladding, etc. a coating is required to protect the timber from rain.

The key advantages of low pressure treatment with TreatWright LP are the lower uptakes of water duing treatment and a more natural colour compared with the TreatWright HP high pressure treatments. The micro-emulsion preservative solution doesn’t penetrate the core of the timber during the process so less water is used and the water evaporates quickly leaving the treated timber at its original dimensions and moisture content.

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