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Timber Usability

preservative timber treatment Wolmanit CXWolmanit® CX treated wood has been shown in independent tests to be less corrosive to mild steel than untreated spruce. Corrosion inhibitors in the product protect against problems but fixings used on timber should be of a good quality to withstand atmospheric effects. Hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel fixings are recommended for outdoor use. Wolmanit® CX preservatives are effective at protecting plant steel from corrosion and is not corrosive to ferrous metals.

The Wolmanit® CX timber treating solution is very stable. It works predictably and provides uniform distribution of the active substances in the treated timber. It is also a very clean solution in terms of how it runs in the timber treatment plant. Wolmanit® CX products are also true complexes so they work without the addition of large quantities of emulsifiers that serve to generate foam. This helps the timber treatment plant run smoothly and improves the appearance and quality of treated timber.

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What Treatment do I need?

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Fire Retardant Timber Treatment

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